The Why

Connecting our Community Colleges to the World!

Coolin’aire will support our culinary arts programs by producing fundraising event like “Dinner and a Show” unique culinary musical dining experiences that are authentic and cool.   Coolin’aire will create revenue by performing for other UHCC campuses, high schools, corporate hospitality events, high visibility PR opportunities, social media attraction, and international destinations marketing UHCC brand inspiring international students to choose Hawai'i for their culinary and hospitality education. 

Coolin'aire will perform around the Pacific Rim marketing The Culinary Institute of the Pacific in Japan, Korea, China, California, Argentina, and Peru.
Coolin'aire was conceived to be a global marketing vehicle to create awareness of culinary arts excellence in Hawai'i.  

The Culinary Institute of the Pacific (CIP) is comprised of eight culinary programs, on eight campuses, on four islands. CIP brings world class culinary and hospitality educational opportunities to our students... preparing them to work, compete, and thrive in the global tourism industry.  

Establishing a new level of excellence, the recently opened Culinary Institute of the Pacific - Diamond Head campus offers advanced culinary education in food business management and culinology. For the first time, Hawai'i's culinary students do not have to relocate to the mainland for advanced culinary training and education.

Coolin'aire  will spread the word!