The Story

Coolin'aire is a culinary concert that talks story about cooking and human nature. The band is compromised of musician cooks who provide the soundtrack for the student cooks featured center stage. 

Really cookin'...groovin'...singin'... and movin'

Cooking in time with the motion of music...producing tasty courses that are part of the story.

The featured stars are the alpha male chef and the humble female apprentice...who are the two front vocalists/actors. 

Music, Cooking, Dance, Story... and Magic!

A culinary journey from beginning of time to present and beyond...tracing the evolution and spirit of Cuisine, Culture and most of all...Chocolate! 

Five blended story lines: 

-Bombastic Chef and Meek Apprentice 

-Percussion Kitchen Cooking Crew 

-Honolulu Bone Marrow Band 

-Dining/Dance Table Scene

-Maitre d' Talks Story